June 23, 2024

Night Fever, to keep fit day and night!

For a boost of energy and a quick recovery, try the food supplements Night Fever. Sparkling, they allow you to fully enjoy your evening that lingers until dawn, while keeping the catch on the next day!

This innovation by Laboratoires Biofar has a specific formula: it contains assets recognized by extensive scientific studies. Caffeine natural, vitamin C, fast, medium and slow sugars to hold over time, sulfur amino acids, B vitamins, essential electrolytes (magnesium and potassium), fruit acid, ginger ... What to resy in form and dynamic all night and recover well in the morning!

The asset that keeps energy over time is the complex Rinocerin, which will make you hold early in the night: caffeine natural (extracts of mate, green tea, guarana). Then the relay is taken until the end of the night by the fast, medium and slow sugars, which are the allies of the athletes during a prolonged effort. Here's what to dance without limit!

They are not excitants, they are food supplements safe. It is sufficient, before going out or after dinner, to pour the effervescent content of a bag bipoche into a large glass of water (200 ml), stir slightly to boost the drink obtained, and drink!

One sachet is enough per night, available in pharmacy and drugstore for 15?

SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER LINE DANCE ("THE BROOKLYN SHUFFLE") - SEE ALSO: https://vimeo.com/user73766291 (June 2024)