April 17, 2024

Nina: "How to keep the line after a diet?"

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Too much frustration for stay in shape !
"By opting for this dietI knew that stabilization was going to be the most complicated phase. Because if with a diet hyperprotéiné we lose weight easily and quickly, it is just as easy to resume. I lost 17 kilos and I was almost too thin for my size: 58 kg for 1m75. But I admit that I liked the image of me that sent me ice. Yet I was aware that it would be impossible for me to stay at that weight.
As soon as I re-entered a food that was forbidden to me, I quickly regained weight. And from the moment I started to have a social life, I regretted. 7 pounds in one year! I was fed up with frustration. Stay in shape was at the cost of such efforts that I had to find a compromise. It is true that it is not easy to say that all his life he will have to monitor his diet. At the same time it has always been a reality for me. I have always been careful, my body is used to it.
What I blame this style dietis that one easily becomes addict of the method. As soon as I picked up a little too much or the holidays approached for example, I consumed again sachets for a few days. "
The importance of having fun
"Losing weight gave me such a feeling of well-being, I felt so much better about myself that it opened doors for me. It is also thanks to this better being that I met my friend, with whom I will have a baby in a few months.
Before I became pregnant, I decided that my fitness weight would be 67kg and I will do anything to stick to it. It was more reasonable than 60 kg. I realized the importance of having fun and that I could not live continuously in frustration. I feel good at this weight. I have admitted that I will never have a perfect body, but I also know that I will never go back to 77 kg.
I admit to having a little trouble accepting the pounds that I have taken since my pregnancy, but it does not worry me to have to go back to diet after. It's part of my life. "

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