December 10, 2019

Notebook shells Chanel nail polish version

Notice to fashionistas, the craziness of the nail polish is now on our ... laptops. It was necessary to think of it. The Etsy website has just launched mobile shells like our lacquers Chanel preferred. Exit the covers in the form of Gameboy, cassettes, rabbits or zipped vests and instead make up to protect his iPhone or Samsung Galaxy.


The bottles of varnish are available in bright, pearly, natural or sequined colors and therefore take the color codes of the brand such as Blue satin, Tenderness, Dragon, Graphite, Particular, Red Lotus, Holiday, Black Perl or Strong ... Ladies choice, we can decide to match his nails to his mobile for a look very smart to the end of his phone or the opposite we opt for opposites to play it a bit more offbeat and rock'n'roll.


A touch 100% girly that should no doubt please the most charming of us seduced by the idea of ​​dressing their favorite smartphone in the same tone as their nails. All means are good to be at the top of the trend and the glamour.


The cases for Iphone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3 are available on the Etsy website for about 12?.

the notebook-volume 3 (nail polish) (December 2019).