August 14, 2022

Nudity at home: how old are you?

The habits of a family are very different. It is therefore difficult to give a precise framework for how to manage nudity at home. For Françoise Dolto, consistency is fundamental: if parents are nudists and receive nudist and nude friends all year round, nudity will be lived naturally. If on the other hand nudism is reserved for holidays, in this case children and parents must live dressed at home the rest of the year.

A structuring attitude
is the right attitude. Nudity is first and foremost in the bathroom. To respect his body is to give him a maximum ofhygiene. The nudity of parents and children, or even taking common baths, is only embarrassing if a child or parent feels embarrassed by it. Outside the bathroom, the whole family must adopt a consistent attitude. If parents wander in Eve and Adam's clothes at home, the children will also do so. In society, on the other hand, it is necessary to live dressed and your child must integrate it.

The family is defined here
of course by people living under the same roof. To give some pointers, here is a speech that you can hold if you wish. Until about 4 years of age, as long as your child is not cold, he / she can undress but if grandparents visit, or anyone else, explain to your child that you prefer to wear clothes before they arrive. Why ? Because visitors can feel embarrassed. From 4 to 6 years, you can explain that nudity is limited to the house, or even the bathroom. When mom and dad are naked in the bathroom, explain to him that he can enter. But he must respect the nudity of others. From the age of 6, however, tell him that his body belongs to him and that he has the right to stay naked at home within the limits of the rules of the whole family. But in society, he must dress because it is forbidden to walk naked.
If your child, moreover, becomes very modest, as is often the case from 6-7 years, do not inadvertently enter the bathroom, when washing, respect his modesty and privacy.
Our advice
In The cause children, Françoise Dolto explains the thing like this: ''Education perverting by excess of protection, cult of the unique norm, submission to the modes of the day, imposition of the parental model. Why do fathers and mothers obstinately cling to these buoys? Because they are lost, these parents, if they do not walk in the footsteps of a guide? ... They secrete too much anxiety. What experience teaches us is that this attitude dangerously increases the chances of child blocking ... ''

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