May 28, 2024

Numerology 2010 for the number of destiny 5

Your loves: Having too much idealized your current relations, you will experience bitter disappointments in April and May. You will wonder if the man (woman) of your life will one day understand you. Current summer, new sentimental adventures in perspective. For the rest of the year, try to silence your misplaced feelings and get rid of some bonds that drag you like a ball. Your happiness will be at this price. In any case, for you, "Love is mixed with honey and gall" (Plautus).

Your job : Until May, luck will play in your favor, allowing you to make some daring moves; but do not overdo it. If you want to change direction or company, the period from April to September will be favorable to take steps, pass tests, have interviews. Fall will see a marked improvement in your working conditions, or the end of your unemployment spell.

Your health : You will often be subject to small digestive or intestinal discomfort, especially from March to July. But a better balanced and more energetic food will allow you to escape. Beware of your increased greed. A bit of common aerophagia autumn: ban the soft drinks, avoid chewing gum and, above all, eat slowly, in a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

Your money : You will enjoy a significant financial break between March and August. But in the fall, you risk seriously compromising your material situation if you succumb to your almost irresistible spending desires. September and November will give you chances to make juicy financial transactions or real estate transactions. In December, people who owe you money will be able to pay you back.

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February 2010 - [Numerology Number 5] (May 2024)