May 28, 2024

Numerology 2015 - destiny number 1

Numerology 2015 - destiny number 1

Good prospects for the period from February to June. Cosmic impulses will enhance your seductive power, just like your prestige. And the happiness is that you will know how to use these positive influences. To live in love, you will need more than ever to live hidden and lying down. If possible, set up on the antipodes during the summer holidays a den worthy of your burning love. In any case, take a thousand precautions to escape the prying eyes. But change of scenery in the fall: marital disputes, sometimes stormy, or endless sulkiness. Try not to dramatize. And remember that the best of the argument is reconciliation.

Job :

You have long dreamed of advancement. Your superiors know perfectly well that you deserve it. But it will be better to wait until October to take active steps. Do not be impatient: know that time is working for you right now. Do not let instinct and passion dominate reason, because it would lead you to want to achieve what is beyond your means. "Before building the tower, you have to calculate the expense" (Gospel). Do not do too many projects in the first semester.

No particular health problem in this year. You even seem to be invulnerable to viruses that roam. If you really do not feel in shape, it will rather be due to an emotional disorder. Chase away some misconceptions from your head, including the one that makes you believe that you are useful to no one or that no one understands you. Attention anyway to your eyes! Be aware that smoking increases the risk of macular degeneration of the retina.

Money :
Cosmic Impulses will protect you against any serious financial problem this year. They could even make you lucky in the April games, provided you do not make big money. Unexpected cash inflows are possible and even probable. Avoid practicing blind generosity, otherwise you will be perpetually surrounded by spongers and intriguers.

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