December 10, 2023

Nutrition: True / False on organic foods

Organic is more expensive
This is the main idea about organic food, the one that often prevents us from acting out: to buy organic, you have to put the price. It is true that some fruits or vegetables or even the meat are actually more expensive. But from a general point of view, going organic is beneficial for our wallet because we consume less and less industrial products, which are really expensive (for a negative nutritional intake).

Eating organic is more eco-friendly

True and false
Certainly organic farming is more ecological than conventional agriculture. It uses less fertilizer and less pesticides (so the soil is less polluted) but also less water. But faced with the rapid increase in demand, supply does not follow. The areas cultivated in France are not large enough to meet consumer demand. Organic products are then imported, often from distant countries. We must transport them to us by plane or boat. From an ecological point of view, we lose all the benefits of organic consumption. While the production of organic food pollutes less, emissions related to their transport are not neutral for the planet. In fact, it should consume organic and local.

Eating organic is more nutritious
The latest studies on the subject actually tend to prove that organic foods contain slightly more nutrients than traditional foods. The fruits and vegetables contain more vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. The meat organically farmed also contains more omega 3 fatty acids than the one from intensive breeding which is too rich in bad fats.

Eating organic is safer
TRUE but ...
By switching to organic food, we consume fewer pesticides, heavy metals, synthetic additives, which can only be beneficial for health. Yet organic foods are not 100% safe. As fungicides are banned, organic foods may be more prone to mold. On the other hand, to replace insecticides that are also banned, organic farming uses substances that are natural, but that do not necessarily have no long-term effect.

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