August 4, 2020

Nutrition: white teeth special foods

The water
Water is the first whiteness food. Indeed, when you drink a glass of water, you clean the inside of the mouth. The mouth cavity is thus rinsed off from all the food residues that have stuck to the teeth after a meal and who could stain the email or form plaque. An indispensable shower for beautiful teeth.

The lemon
Lemon juice is known for its anti-stain properties. In beauty, it is especially used to nail the nail. This whitening power also acts at the level of teeth, the citric acid of lemon being a real launderer enamel. So, once a week, we brush the teeth with a brush soaked in lemon juice. And we do not hesitate to add lemon to our menu.

Already recognized for its thinness, the apple is also a significant asset for teeth white. But this time, nothing to do with his enzymes. Its super white power is due to the fact that it forces us to chew for a long time. Mastication stimulates the production of saliva. And the saliva makes it possible to clean the inside of the mouth and thus to eliminate all the residues which could attack the teeth.

The carrot
Like the apple, it makes us chew and increases salivation. Making
carrot an ally teeth indisputable white. You can also add celery to this list.
Foods rich in calcium, like cheese, are perfect allies to keep teeth white. But cheese has another advantage: unlike milk, which is also rich in calcium, it needs to be chewed. But it is still worth repeating, chewing stimulates the production of saliva, which is essential for teeth in good health.

To increase salivation, you can also chew mint, bay leaf, sage or lemon balm. In addition to cleaning teeth and the oral cavity, they also refresh the breath. Other plants have a more direct whiteness effect. Iris powder is anti-stain and horsetail cleans, whitens and remineralizes.

The almonds
To protect email from teethit is essential to consume alkaline foods such as almonds, potatoes but also many fruits and vegetables. Indeed, if the pH of our mouth is too low, and therefore too acidic, it attacks the enamel of our teeth. It is therefore necessary to consume alkaline foods to raise the pH and avoid hyper acidity of the oral environment.

Like cheese, milk is rich in calcium. It is therefore part of the benefactor foods to preserve teeth white. Like water, it is one of the only liquids that does not teeth, unlike colored drinks. But milk also has the advantage of being an alkaline food. By reducing the acidity of the mouth, it protects the enamel teeth and therefore their whiteness.


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