September 19, 2020

Obesity in children: how to avoid it?

Indeed, it must be known that excess weight is caused by the imbalance between dietary intake and energy expenditure at an early age. Only 1% of obesity of the child have an endocrine or metabolic cause or are the expression of a genetic disease.

Obesity rhyme with children from TV

Meals should be balanced, the word nibbling should no longer be part of our vocabulary, the consumption of sugar and fat should be limited, the child should move and / or practice a sport as soon as possible and not spend his time in front of television and / or video games.

More and more children are now overweight. Action reaction !

We must act quickly so that today's overweight children will not become obese adults tomorrow. We know thatobesity 80% of children over the age of 10 survive in adulthood and 60% of obese adolescents are already under the age of five.

The numbers speak for themselves

Theobesity, which affects more and more children for three decades, is a disease. To prevent theobesity infant, parents have a role to play. There are three to four times more obese children in 2000 than in the 1970s. Note also that obesity so-called massive increase very quickly and are very difficult to reduce.

Theobesity is an immediate risk for the child's health, especially at the cardiovascular level. There is a danger for the present but also for the future. Growing up, the child may develop diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and respiratory disorders. There is health but also the morale of the child who can decline. A child is not so innocent and taunts, mockery can become a handicap that can worsen at theadolescence.

Prevention is better than cure

In a child, it is indeed easier to correct bad habits (lifestyle, diet, exercise ...). This is where mom, dad and friends come in. family must indeed lead by example by eating balanced and varied, by playing sports ... family, not always eating in front of the television and forcing the child to reduce the time spent in video games.

What are the causes of overweight in children?

There is junk food (diet too rich), sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity, genetic factors, endocrinological factors (hormonal disorders, glandular), boredom, emotional and / or academic problems, social inequalities from childhood. According to the Weekly Epidemiological Bulletin, social inequalities from an early age favor overweight. Between 2000 and 2006, overweight andobesity have declined in France among children aged 5 to 6, but this decline is more marked in favored areas.


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