June 9, 2023

Olivia Wilde, Jennifer Morrison: change of mind at Dr House

While the series Dr. House coming to an end in the United States, the actors of the show will have to start thinking about their conversion. Jennifer Morrison and Olivia Wilde, who left the series a while ago, have already taken a step ahead. And to mark the end of this era, they both changed their minds and especially hair color almost simultaneously. Yesterday, Jennifer Morrison, which has been shown since last September in the new hit series Once Upon a Time, was shown on the red carpet with flamboyant red. A radical change but we are not sure to approve 100%. If the red is the color of the moment, it does not go to everyone.

As for Olivia Wilde, whose shaded hair on a nice square had totally seduced us a little over a month ago, here it is again with long hair and especially blonde as wheat. A color she already wore in her debut when she played the sexy girlfriend of Mischa Barton in Newport Beach.

This is not the first time Jennifer Morrison and Olivia Wilde thus change from hair color. The two actresses have long since said goodbye to their brown mat for more bright colors. They were both blonde when they consulted in Dr. House. Would brunettes count for plums in Hollywood?

Cameron High | House M.D. (June 2023)