August 16, 2022

Olympic Games: braids and ponytails squat podiums

The hairstyle, in the context of Olympic Games, has for main mission not to interfere, to hold in place. Do top athletes have aerodynamic tips to better penetrate water or air at the key moment? It was like cheating ... So it's a question of combining practice and, most of the time, showing off, these ladies not opposing in any way sport and glamor (cf their particularly sophisticated manicures).

Braided and colored

The hairstyleslike manicures, can be patriotic. Thus, we have seen several French people opt for braids blue, white and red as Isabelle Yacoubou on the basketball court.

While some disciplines such as swimming do not leave much room for inventiveness hairstyleothers impose a style that is both strict and sexy. This is the case of ball sports or gymnastics with ponytails and buns galore. The hair show is at the rendezvous with air movements on all kinds of mummies, curly hair or smooth, colorful, frizzy, or short cuts like the Chinese Ye Shiwe, gold medalist in the 400m freestyle or Celine Dumerc in French basketball.

Finally, ponytails High are the most popular, well taken and coifed in braided. Sally Pearson in athletics or April Ross in volleyball (above) are worthy embassadors, leaving the twirling braided well right in their most beautiful actions. The show is well and truly at the rendezvous ...

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