February 22, 2020

On the Route du Sourire: behind the scenes of the bus installation

Since a month, many holidaymakers had the opportunity to get on the Signal bus, which goes from seaside resorts to seaside resorts to educate young and old alike.hygiene Oral. But before you can receive them, you have to install this bus, and it's not always easy.
Tags: functionality and security. These are the basic principles of the installation of the Signal bus, so that it welcomes young and old safely. With workshops up and down and two cabinets fitted inside, it was obviously necessary to imagine a convenient bus to climb. It is the mission of the two stage managers who, every day, and during the entire duration of the Signal bus tour, set up the various workshops and install barriers, armchairs, ottomans, etc., to welcome visitors.
The highlight of the show is obviously the installation of the terrace on the roof of the Signal bus. Parquet, security barriers, stairs, it climbs, it raises, it fixes in two phases three movements, the Signal bus revives.
And to better receive visitors, once the bus is fully assembled, four hostesses are there to circulate, help them and even enjoy the workshops. There is no reason, everyone has the right to learn the B.A-BA of thehygiene oral!

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