December 10, 2023

On the Route du sourire with Signal: quizze ... with a smile!

Continued adventures on the Route of the Smile. The bus in the colors of the brand Signal is now between Biscarosse and Mimizan, where again families are jostling to learn more about thehygiene oral, the nasty caries to avoid and how to brush your teeth.
But do not we learn even better while having fun? So obviously. This is the reason why young and old are invited to play to answer to a quiz which takes again questions related to the various fun-educational workshops that they made in the bus. They saw videos, crossed giant teeth in 3D or a puzzle of the mouth, and were even photographed in an oversized bathroom, in short, they accumulated the experiences and learned from them that it is necessary test ! Thus, comfortably seated on a pouf, children and parents answer the questions of their respective quizzes, of which we would not have, ourselves, not necessarily the answers.
For dads and moms, there are lots of numbers. The percentage of French people who do not wash their teeth before going to bed? How many millions of bacteria are found in a milligram of dental plaque? It's sharp, but easy, especially when we listened well to the advice of dentists and we retained the most important!
And for the little ones, it's not necessarily easier finally. How often do you have to change your toothbrush? What is a caries finally? And with what teeth do we cut food? More than one would be stuck, but no. Because children learn quickly, especially when playing. In the end, the quiz is filled with a smile and we cross the toothbrushes for them to extract a lot of valuable lessons.

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