June 23, 2024

One month top chrono to get back in shape: new trends

Since the spring it is the excitement in the gym. We will all run after ... a dreamlike silhouette. It must be said that the stakes are high: to wear on the beach a firm figure and relieved of a few pounds.
 « Clients want fast weight loss and muscle building especially from the center of the body Explains Eric Beische, Product Manager at Club Med Gym.
Here's a one-month program: cardio for fat burning and muscle building to draw the figure.
So we zap three aperitifs a week (and so the rosé and peanuts) and we go to the gym. Two birds with one stone.

How often?
For visible results, practice a sports activity at least one hour at a rate of three times a week: 40 minutes of cardio minimum (one draws then in the reserves of fat) and 20 to 30 minutes of muscular reinforcement.

Which machines?
We think e-f-i-c-a-c-e. The best fat burners remain: the treadmill, the elliptical trainer and the stepper.
For those who have a little overweight: prefer the treadmill who despite appearances is a fat burner. The rhythm and inclination of the carpet is accelerated for maximum results.
Important: to optimize your training, calculate your heart rate (220 - age) and work at 70% of the result.

Which group lessons to choose?
-the cycling: a group bike lesson that burns up to 800 calories and refine your legs. We continue with a course of CX works, alternative to the traditional course of bums and tums. A new trend very effective in terms of muscle strengthening that tones the center of the body (abs, glutes, waist, thigh) in 30 minutes.
-The Body fight: this course is both fun and cardio makes it very popular with regulars sport. It involves frequently lifting the legs (the largest muscles of the body) and requires a lot of energy and therefore calories.
-Cross Boxing: much less aggressive than its name suggests (except with calories), this new sport is inspired by the physical preparation of a boxer before the fight. In a nutshell: he is the enemy of the fat and the friend of the muscles. The course takes place by workshop: gestures of fighting, abs, sheathing ...
-What about Zumba and Body Jam? Always very popular, these two activities combine cardio and relaxation to the rhythm of a lively music. "Nevertheless the calorie expenditure is less than for the others sports advised », Eric Beische analysis.

The coach's advice: breaking the monotony
Jogging outside, sport At home, group lessons ... The important thing is to "vary the activities and the pleasures" at the risk if not to be discouraged, advocates Eric Beische.
So, ready for a very sporty month?


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