October 4, 2023

Online chat, how I found love on the net!

At the same time, it's so easy! Social networks are open to the world. If you're looking for someone for a night, or your whole life, it does not cost anything to try. Stéphane and Soraya, Antoine and Flora, Naim and the others will not contradict the fact that it is sometimes very simple to make met 2.0.
To listen to Stéphane, flirting with Facebook has been childlike. His current girlfriend met her on the web. She is the cousin of a friend of a friend. She was often "tagged" on the photos and Stéphane found her very pretty. He made his "request to join the friend list" and she agreed, "When she saw that we had several friends in common, it reassured her. Then she told me that she had found me cute on my profile picture so she was curious! "
It is true that flirting with a social network allows you to control your image no matter what happens. This makes it easy at first! Stéphane's girlfriend, Soraya, continues: "Once we were friends, he left me little messages on Facebook. Once we chatted, just like that. I felt that he was watching for the least of my connections. It was funny ! ". And they met and since then they never leave each other.
Antoine and Flora met thanks to Twitter. Flora is a graphic designer and while she was looking for work, she tweeted that she wanted to find a job in her branch. Her "little ad" was broadcast a little, and she appeared to Antoine, a graphic designer too. His old box was looking for a graphic designer: "On Twitter, we are often in solidarity. If someone needs advice or is looking for something, the community is there, in general, to get the message across until the person who can help is there for the person who asked for it. 'help. I knew people who were looking for a graphic designer and when I saw Flora's tweet, I showed up. Her avatar was super original, classy and very feminine. His bio (short sentence that summarizes and / or describes the personality, hobbies or occupation of the account holder, ed) was fun and his tweets directed links that immediately interested me. Antoine and Flora contacted the social network and did not meet immediately. Flora admits that, as for Stephane and Soraya, it was Antoine who dragged through the Net: "It's too easy. Behind a screen you feel stronger. No face to face, no vis-à-vis, we are not afraid not to please. Or in any case we better control the cards that we can play to showcase ... "
As for Naim, he says he is not one to stay long with a girl. He says he is "fickle". But he likes the challenge and does not dredge than on the Internet and via social networks: "It's better than the websites of met. It's free, girls are generally not there to find the soul so they are natural and in addition some do not mind to accept "a request to add to their list of friends" of people they do not know. I send them a nice little message, I flatter their profile picture and 3 times out of 5, Hop! I can drag them via Facebook. "
It's all well and good all these stories of dredge 2.0. Before, we would wander in bars, in clubs, on holidays ... So that's the reason dredge of today? Let's not forget that the best course of action dredge and of meet, it's life !

And if you are in a relationship, avoid 2.0 FollowFriday #FF twinks on Twitter or small messages (not so discreet) on your target's Facebook wall!

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