June 9, 2023

Organic baby care Natessance for baby to have soft skin

New for nomadic parents: baby care all organic and little ones who get carried away everywhere, in a green travel kit! Natessance and her baby care organic has thus taken a new step in the manufacture of hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly care products.

In the changing bag, the bag or the baby's bag, this care kit allows you to take care of bout'chou safely, avoiding to carry the 3 kilos of bottles of cream in family format.

In this kit, most of the baby care based on high tolerance and hypoallergenic formulas, adapted to the fragile skin of the owl.

You'll find a bottle of soap-free 60ml soap that gently cleanses the skin and leaves baby feeling soft and fragrant.

Also, a small tube of moisturizer Face and body of 30ml that protects the skin of the small external aggressions.

And finally, a protective 60ml bioliniment that cleans the baby's bottom and crease areas by leaving a protective film on the skin.

Pink or blue, the Natessance cotton kit organic and bamboo fiber is suitable for both girls and boys!

Price of the kit: 9?
Each mini-product: 3?

On sale in pharmacies, parapharmacies and stores organic.