May 28, 2024

Organize a reception buffet

When the number of guests is greater than 10, it becomes difficult to imagine appetizers, dishes and desserts that fit everyone's taste. And the service at the table can be complicated. The buffet option is excellent because everyone manages the contents of his plate according to his tastes, his appetite, his eventual diet and the hostess can be more relaxed ... at least at the reception. Because preparation is military!
Prepare as much as you can the day before. It is good to have cold starters that include an assortment of grated vegetables (carrots, celery, small salads made with vegetables, cabbage, ...) by letting the guests be served in jars of vinaigrette. Also put meat and seafood (smoked salmon or trout, crustaceans ...) to your choice.

In main course
you can afford a unique dish if you think you need to simplify your life. We do not think enough about couscous and paella but these dishes generally win all votes. Sauerkraut is very good for buffets but its taste does not necessarily appeal to everyone. As for traditional French cuisine, you can bet on a Burgundian beef or a veal stew. A crusted roast is often spectacular for more formal receptions and allows a choice of vegetables for the guests if you have them in separate dishes.

Dessert side
, plan light with fruit saladsfruit mousse, dessert or kebabs or baskets of fresh fruit and some delicacies in the form of pastries - mini or maxi format. You can serve the cheese at the same time because some people only eat one or the other and, as this is the last dish, the buffet may remain available longer for those who take and the one and the 'other.

For a buffet of fifteen people
it is customary to provide 3 starters, 2 main courses, 2 salads and 3 desserts. For about thirty people, count 4 starters, 4 dishes, 5 salads 4 desserts.
Our advice
Remember to prepare well in advance all you can and freeze: savory or sweet pies, vegetables ... vegetables already peeled frozen can also save you a few hours of work. Once cooked, smart is the one who knows how to make the difference!

How to Set a Buffet Table - HGTV (May 2024)