October 27, 2021

Oscars 2011: Private Armani, big winner on the red carpet

Last night, there were beautiful people on the red carpet of the Caesars. And if Dior or Chanel convinced the stars (like Sharon Stone for Dior and Michelle Williams for Chanel) To wear their best dresses, it is Armani Privé who comes out with three stars in his pocket: Reese Witherspoon, Celine Dion and Ashwarya Rai have indeed adopted the creations of the Italian house.


Strategic point for fashion houses, Oscars focus the attention of the media ... A photo published in the press, it is an international visibility and especially free! for brands seeking visibility outside invoiced issues, sometimes more than 20,000 euros per page!


We understand better that the brands are decarcated to dress such or such star. Small gifts, special attention and VIP services in the wake of the stars, everything is good to dress the most photographed stars on the planet. The more a star is "listed" or oscarisable, the more the attention of fashion houses is pregnant. Objective: bet on the successful star of the moment whose sympathy rating will affect the reputation of the house.


And at this little game, Marchesa with Halle Berry or Dior with Sharon Stone have also been very well positioned, mz zz if it is Rodarte who dresses Natalie Portman who has made the most beautiful shot.