February 22, 2020

Oscars: Marion Cotillard's dress provokes debate in the American press

This did not escape anyone: Marion Cotillard made a triumph on the last Oscar night by winning the Best Actress Award. The little French girl was really acclaimed by the all Hollywood for her interpretation ofEdith Piaf in The kid. On the other hand, the dress she wore, signed Jean-Paul Gaultier, did not win all the votes. The American newspapers were pleased to dissect, more or less subtly, the ivory sheath dress with patterns evoking scales that Marion Cotillard had dressed for the occasion.

The fashion critic New York Times especially spoke of a "not very subtle print of fish scales. Do you understand the idea?", outbidding remarks by a journalist's comment in the newspaper US Weekly who reported that Marion Cotillard seemed "like a fish out of the water"On the red carpet ... On the same aquatic theme, the reviews have not all been negative since the magazine People qualified Marion Cotillard fromModern sirenFinally, the chain E ! Entertainment congratulated the choice "bold"of the little French girl, whom they found very in concordance with a typically French sense of fashion"I do not know what" (In french in the text)...

In short, whatever his dress, Marion Cotillard can now boast of having made a remarkable appearance, the main thing being that it is she, our little French, who left with the golden statuette. And anyway, in a last bout of chauvinism, we will not hesitate to say that we, Marion Cotillardwe found it very pretty!

Margot Robbie - October 1, 2016 (February 2020)