September 20, 2020

Our advice for childcare equipment

The bed

For up to three months, a bassinet or basket stroller can do the trick. If you prefer the crib, reduce the sleeping space. Anyway the bed will be mandatory after three months. The solid wood bed is preferable to the chipboard. It must also be checked that the bed base is adjustable in different heights. If the bed is barred, they must be spaced less than 7 centimeters apart. Concerning the mattress, it must be chosen rather firm.

The umbrella bed

When you go out, you need an umbrella bed to sleep the eighth wonder of the world. If the mattress of this bed is thick enough, it can serve as a permanent bed. There are no small savings.

Baby carrier or carrier sling

The baby carrier must have an adjustable seat, be easy to attach and detach, be comfortable for the baby but also for parents, have a reinforced headrest, maintain the back of baby and be washable. Most models are suitable for up to 1 year. Regarding the baby wrap, the explanations for tying and wearing your cherub must be clear.

The stroller if possible multifunction
Before you buy it, you need to know two or three things:

- If it is cumbersome
- If folding is easy
- If it has at least three positions of the seat
- If the upholstery is thick, comfortable and washable
- If the chassis is strong and easy to attach
- If she has a rain guard, sunshade, basket under the stroller or even a changing bag ...

The car seat adapted to the age and weight of the child

It is essential if you make trips by car. Inquire with professionals. Do not impose on the baby ... long trips before three months in a hull or baby seat. At this age, he can not hold his head. It is therefore preferable that he travels lying down either in a car bed or in the nacelle of the stroller if it is obviously provided for this purpose.

The changing table

The plastic bathtub

The deckchair

It will be useful during the first six months of your baby's life. It must be comfortable, stable, with several positions and washable.

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