December 1, 2021

Our advice for taking the temperature of the child

There are several ways to take the temperature of your child:

rectally (through the rectum),
- by mouth (by mouth),
- axillary (under the armpit),
- the method of the temporal artery (on the forehead),
- tympanic way (by the ear).

The method you choose will depend on your child's age. It is important to take a specific step. Today, rectal temperature remains the most accurate for children under two years old. The thermometer displays the internal temperature of the body normally between 36.8 and 37.5 ° C.

Taking under the armpit is not as reliable. The instruments for taking the temperature by the temporal artery intended for a domestic use are however not precise enough or reliable. According to some experts, the axilla - under the arm - or mouth - in the mouth - is not recommended for infants. But if you decide to slip the thermometer under his armpit, you must add 0.5 ° C to the displayed temperature when the thermometer beeps. If you use an ear thermometer, you must also add 0.5 ° C.

Not to do

- Use a mercury thermometer. If it breaks, the child may be exposed to this toxic substance.
- Do not use an oral thermometer to take the rectal temperature or vice versa.

Did you know ?

Tympanic thermometers are expensive and can be complex to use. Heat-sensitive strips are not recommended because their reading is not accurate.

If you choose the rectal route, you must:

- Clean the thermometers with fresh, soapy water and rinse it,
- Put on the silver end of the petroleum jelly,
- Place baby on the back and knees bent then insert the thermometer into the rectum while holding it between the fingers,

- Wait for the audible signal then remove it to read the temperature,

- Clean the thermometer.

If you choose the oral route, you must:

- As for the rectal route, it is necessary to clean and then rinse the thermometer,

- Place the tip of the thermometers under the tongue of your child,

- make sure that your child's mouth is perfectly closed,

- wait for the sound signal before removing the thermometer to read the temperature

- Clean the thermometer.


The oral thermometer is not recommended for children under five because they have great difficulty keeping it under the tongue for a certain period of time.

If you choose the axillary way, you must:

- Use a rectal or oral thermometer,

- clean with fresh, soapy water and rinse,
- place the tip of the thermometer in the center of the armpit,
- make sure that your child's arm is firmly attached to his body,
- wait for the sound signal before removing the thermometer and read the temperature,

- Clean the thermometers.

The axillary thermometer usually checks whether a newborn or young child is feverbut it is not as accurate as the rectal thermometer.

If you choose the tympanic way, you must:

- Use a clean tip every time and follow the manufacturer's instructions,
- gently pull the ear backwards,
- gently insert the thermometers until the ear canal is blocked,
- Push the button,
- Hold it down for one second before removing it and reading the temperature.

The tympanic thermometer would not be as reliable and accurate as the rectal thermometer.

What to do in case of fever?

If the baby is feverish, make him comfortable and drink it. You must remove the excess of blankets or clothing to finally lower your body temperature. But do not undress completely because it could be too cold.

When to take his temperature?

The best times are in the morning and around 16:00 / 17:00. On the other hand, taking the temperature right after the meal is to be avoided.

Anyway, if the thermometer reads 38 ° C or higher, make an appointment with the pediatrician or doctor.

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