May 28, 2024

Our beauty tips to avoid crocodile skin

Whether dry or greasy, dehydrated skin is the result of lack of water in the dermis, resulting in a decline in collagen production and therefore a lack of elasticity of the skin.

It is well known, the cold strengthens the skin, then to better tighten the pores never wash with hot water and prefer cold water! First daily gesture to adopt to avoid rough skins. Do not forget to drink a lot of water because it helps maintain the level of hydration of your skin.

Often, your skin turns into crocodile skin for lack of regular scrubs. The scrub, essential care to keep a beautiful skin, must be practiced at least twice a week.

The peel can also activate cell renewal by eliminating dead skin.

Another tip is to replace your night cream by a moisturizing mask. Of course, you will apply this care in less generous amounts on the face and, on awakening, your skin will be smooth and hydrated.

For the day, choose a rich moisturizer to feed your dry skin with a care enriched with essential oils. Do not forget the triptych needed for a beautiful skin: clean, erase, moisturize ...

In pharmacies or perfume shops, there are rehydrating or over-drying emulsions, as well as others called "cold cream", which are very effective in reconstructing the hydrolipidic film of the skin. Ideal for very dry skin.
Our advice
Put ice cubes in a washcloth that you will spend on your face for several minutes, you will have a toned skin and a radiant complexion throughout the day.