October 4, 2023

Our hairdressing tips to make a top bun

The hair short obviously do not lend themselves to it, so if you have the cut squared or a short haircut, forget the top bun, unless you want to plant 58 pins in hair on the skull.

This slightly retro top updo bun that can elevate the silhouette can be done at home in a few steps with a few hairpin pins. hair, a curling iron and a comb!

1. Crepe
Take a comb and crepe the root of your hair in small gestures, going back to the tips. Insist on the top of the head, this is where lies the secret of the height of the bun.

2. Laquer
Then spray a little hairspray at the root of your hair. If you want to let your bangs fall on your forehead like Lily Allen, smooth it and lay it on the side to create a small asymmetrical effect.

3. Divide
Take the hair on the temples above the ears, divide them in half. Bring them back and twist them together by wrapping one wick on the other. Hold these locks with two pins.

4. Twist
Twist the rest of hair by bringing them backwards. Keep it all with pins placed near the scalp.

5. Pinning
Then plant some pins hair irregularly in your twists to hold them.

6. Walk
Leave a few strands on the nape of the neck and on the sides and spray a hint of hairspray on the whole bun.

7. Loop
Using a curling iron, have the curls lock loose. And here, a hairstyle at the peak of glamor!

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