June 2, 2020

Our makeup tips for long-lasting beauty

A nail polish that does not flake
For nails and a nail on top, we follow the essential steps of a pro manicure. First, clean your nail of any trace of fat with solvent. Then we apply a base. It will not only prevent the nail from yellowing because of the pigments of the varnish but will also allow it to adhere better. Then two thin layers of nail polish. Always prefer two thin layers to a thick layer, it avoids future snags. We then finish with a top coat to fix everything and prolong the holding of the nail polish.

Kensington Caviar Top Coat, Nails Inc., 14? Exclusively at Sephora.
3 in 1 Perfecting Base Coat, Sephora, 7.50?
Top Coat Accelerator Drying, Dior, 17,50?.
Nourrish Me Base Intense Hydration, Essie, 13?.

A flawless complexion until evening
As for the varnish, for a complexion zero defect from morning until evening, it is necessary to proceed in stages. We first prepare the skin by applying a makeup base after our day cream. We can then put our foundation. But the work of the complexion does not stop there. For our foundation to hold all day, we end with a veil of loose powder (lighter and more discreet than a compact powder that may freeze complexion if you put too much).

Concentrated Base of Lumi-Magic Light, L'Oreal Paris, 18,50?.
Preparatory Foundation Radiance Makeup, Laura Mercier, 41?
Meteorites Pearls of Azur, Guerlain by Emilio Pucci, 44?.
Perfect Balancing Bronzing Powder, Clinic, 39,50?

An eye shadow that does not run
We all dream of a sexy smoky eye as in magazines but we often give it up for fear that our smoky eyes turn panda after one hour. Nothing worse indeed than an eye shadow flowing under the eye. For a makeup that stays all day without spinning in the folds and without migrating, only one solution, we add to our beauty routine a decisive step: the application of an eye shadow before the shadow. A product that changes life. Eyeshadow Primer Potion, Urban Decay, 17? Exclusively at Sephora.
Prime Eye, Make Up For Ever, 18,50?
Prime Time Eyelids Base, bareMinerals, 18?. Exclusively at Sephora.
A lipstick that does not run
To make hold his lipstick all day, we use the major means: first powder the lips with a loose or compact powder to remove any potential layer of fat. The outline of the lips is then drawn with a pencil before filling the inside. Finally we apply his red. We end by kissing a handkerchief, dusting again and applying a second layer of red. One can also cheat using malignant makeup products like basics or lipstick fixatives.
Terrybly Lips Pencils, By Terry, 24?
Velvet Touch Soft Velvet Lips Base, Gosh, 16,90?. Exclusively at Marionnaud.
Lipstick Fixer, Masters Colors.
The pro trick to boost the performance of your makeup
Finally, if you're a perfectionist, you take one of the gestures of the beauty routine of pro makeup artists. After finishing her make-up, spray a make-up fixer on her face. These smart products can really boost the performance of the make-up. If we do not have it on hand, we can also replace them with a pschitt of thermal water, it works also very well. Mist & Fix, Makeup Fixing Mist, Make Up For Ever, 21,90?.
Fix 'Make Up, Clarins, 25?
Thermal Water, Avène, 300 ml, 7?
Thermal Water, Vichy, 150 ml, 5?

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