August 16, 2022

Our sport program to get back into shape

Set reasonable goals

As the old adage suggests: do not go from one extreme to the other. Just because you almost did not do it sport this winter that you have to embark on a sports program worthy of preparation in Koh-Lanta! Not only can you get to an overflow that will make you drunk sport definitely, but most importantly, you could hurt yourself.
Your muscles so little stressed during thewinter are indeed soft and efforts too intense may cause you serious injury. Therefore the sportyes, but on condition of recovering slowly and without forcing too much.

Favor water sports

To wake up your body gently and tone it up, sports in L'water are very effective. Worn by thewater, your body is less exposed to joint shocks and muscular tension is reduced.
Aquagym sessions are ideal after a period of inactivity. You can practice it easily in all municipal swimming pools where classes are held regularly.
However, if you still did a little bit of sport this winter, water aerobics may seem a little too calm. The aquabike, much more dynamic, which consists of bike in rhythm on catchy music is to privilege! Your muscles are, worn by thewater as in water aerobics but the efforts provided more intense are particularly valuable if you are already sporty enough. There is even now aquabiking in the cabin! Installed in a cabin type jacuzzi, you pedal with somewater to the shoulders in a Zen atmosphere. This new aquabiking system called "R-Go Spa" has just arrived in France.





How to Get Back Into Shape After No Exercise for a Long Time : Full Fitness Training (August 2022)