December 11, 2023

Our tips anti-lice of the return

Here, first month of class, and it is inevitable, the blond is scratching his head. Again ?! And yes, again. The time has come to start hunting for nits and lice, parasites that invade the top of the skulls of our blond heads every year. And this year, we want efficiency.

There are of course lots of different products, sold in pharmacies for example. If you have been fighting for too long against the colony that lives in the hair of your offspring with a single lotion (or shampoo), it is advisable to change product. If you still use the same and the animals are still there, it is high time to question its effectiveness. And also to consider that lice and nits have certainly become resistant to the product, because they are used to it ...

If you are tired of using the classic comb (it is not uncommon to see small animals still perennial jump comb ...) know that there is a model of electric comb. The principle of the machine is that it kills lice, and nits. So no recalcitrant who taunt us after catching them with the teeth of the comb. The device costs about twenty euros.

Homemade recipe

For the moms sensitive to the fact that their toddler continually inhales the tough smells of classic anti-lice products, it is possible to use the gentle way. A good old grandmother's recipe, and maybe the one that will make you feel good about your child doing group activities in times of great lice contagion. Olive oil.
The method is simply to brush the scalp of the person with olive oil, and cover his head with a plastic film food. Skeptics, I hear you from here. If the olive oil method seems a little questionable, you can add essential oils to the homemade lotion. As a rule, the most used essential oils for this kind of treatment are lavender, rosemary and lemon oils.

Once your magic mix is ​​finished and coated, you just have to wait a good hour for your child, while the anti-lice mask is working. Then simply remove the plastic film and proceed as usual, provided with a very fine comb, soaked in warm water with a small dose of vinegar.

Do not forget to carefully rinse the comb with each pass. The enemy is clever and resistant ... It should not be underestimated. The last trick is to wash the hair with an anti-dandruff shampoo after combing. The shampoo will take off the last slow stubborn.

Some moms, having tried every possible way to get rid of the little beast, ensure that make a shampoo Home alcohol has been their last and most effective remedy ... Obviously, if you use this method, watch out for the eyes!
Finally, know that lice are installed on clean skulls (yes, a parasite who cares about comfort ...). And no shame to have, the "plague lice" is rather classic, especially in these periods of return, do not hesitate to talk to the mistress of your child, or to others moms. You will be able to share your tips and especially do everything to stop the epidemic. The union is strength, it is well known.
So watch the lice, the war is declared!

Dealing with Head Lice (December 2023)