September 20, 2020

Our tips for boosting your fertility

Before starting any procedure in order toto have a childit is good to make an appointment with your gynecologist. It will ask you various questions about your health, your age, your medical history and that of your partner. If your gynecologist finds it appropriate, he or she will be able to prescribe exams in case of doubts about a possible infertility or advise you a step built and adapted.

There is an ovulation test which, like the pregnancy test, can be done at home by urinalysis. It is a simple way to check your ovulation day so you can have sex in this period.
Your gynecologist can determine with you if your ovulation is regular and of quality. A troubled ovulation is, in about a third of cases, the cause of the infertility of a couple.

Ovarian stimulation is a drug technique that involves taking orally Clomiphene citrate. It is also possible to do this using other methods that require accompaniment. Before stimulating your ovulation it is absolutely essential to validate with your gynecologist that this technique is necessary and that it corresponds to your need. The cause of infertility can come from the sperm quality of your spouse, for example, or some other medical concern.

In the absence of apparent medical reason, your difficulty in being pregnant may require some work on your lifestyle: healthy diet, reduced consumption of tobacco, alcohol and coffee, regular physical activity, reduced level of stress ... Give them better chance of being fit. Sometimes psychological work can help to dig up the brakes and tensions that you may have more or less consciously.

The so-called soft medicines such as acupuncture, homeopathy, nutritherapy, osteopathy ... are certainly answers to consider for certain types of pathologies and can sometimes help provide an environment conducive to pregnancy.
Our advice
Before considering medically assisted procreation, take time for reflection and do not hesitate to consult several practitioners. Because this approach can be long, it puts the body, the mind and the couple to the test, can meet several successive failures and can generate births multiple.

How Women Can Boost Their Fertility (September 2020)