August 16, 2022

Our tips for having light legs

The heavy legs are characterized by dilation of the veins which causes a difficulty of the blood to go up towards the heart. In everyday life, this translates into leg pain and swelling, which can sometimes be very bothersome.
On a daily basis, there are draining products, in the form of drinks or capsules, which are very effective in cures of several weeks. Target products made from red vine, witch hazel, meadow queen or orthosiphon that improve venous return and promote lymphatic circulation. Consumed in cure, they make it possible to decrease the phenomenon of water retention. The result is visible very quickly: your legs are refined and regain their lightness ...

Playing a sport can help you improve your circulation
. Just walk (at least 45 minutes, three times a week), an excellent activity against heavy legs. Cycling, stretching, swimming (or water aerobics) are sports that you should focus on.

To prevent heavy legs
Avoid too tight clothing that blocks the flow of blood. Generally, compression stockings are recommended (reimbursed by the security), they must be worn every day for at least three hours in a row for them to be effective.

If you want to remove nascent varicose veins, the laser method practiced in the office
destroys the most marked superficial veins. An incision under the skin allows to introduce an optical fiber that will heat the vein and destroy it (this technique is very expensive).

(in office or institute), with the method of the famous palpate / roll, can be effective in the short term. The disadvantage is that you have to multiply the sessions by three or four a month to extend the results.

Our advice

Only a phlebologist can establish an accurate assessment of your veins and suggest the most appropriate treatment, knowing that the sclerosis of vessels apparent remains the best solution in the long term.

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