April 19, 2024

Ovarian cancer: the drugs against sterility out of cause

The causes of sterility women are particularly dependent on a deregulation of ovulation. Hormonal treatments stimulate ovarian production. If they were singled out and implicated in the risks of cancers ovaries, it's not the same today.
According to a study conducted by a team of Danish researchers, the taking of drugs against sterility would not increase the risks of Cancer ovaries.
54,362 women affected by HIV / AIDS problems sterility (of which 156 had a Cancer ovarian), the study conducted by Dr. Allan Jensen of the Danish Association of Cancer was based on the analysis of the effects of four different drugs against sterility, taking into account other risk factors, over an average period of 16 years.
Researchers, however, remain cautious and point out that many of the study participants did not reach old age to be Cancer of the ovary and they intend to continue risk surveillance. Case to follow ...

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