February 29, 2024

Palm oil, bad for your health

Because of its low cost, theoil palm attracts the greed of industrialists. Present in a product on 10 in the shelves of supermarkets (chips, biscuit, puff pastry, chocolate, infant milk ...), this oil extracted from the fruits of the palm trees oil in Africa and Asia represents a real danger for the environment and especially the health.
Rich in saturated fatty acids, theoil palm has 3 times more thanoil sunflower or theoil of olive and tends to increase bad cholesterol. Saturated fatty acids can cause hypercholesterolemia, cardiovascular problems, obesity and even some cancers.
Harmful for the healthit is also good for the environment. Indeed, to grow more palms to oil and therefore increase profitability, the trees are felled and give way to palm plantations. This ecological disaster threatens in the short term the survival of animal species such as the great apes of Asia. Greenpeace also sounded the alarm and denounced the "boom" of theoil in a report entitled "cooking the climate". The latter points to the massive destruction of forests in favor of the intensive cultivation of theoil of palm.
For the healthit is better to turn to food products containing butter or other oils what'oil while keeping in mind that fat is to be consumed in moderation.