June 23, 2024

Parental coaching: why are we for the method?

We are for!

Parents on the verge of a nervous breakdown: The coach is the solution!
The parental coach will help you listen to your child, better communicate with him, which will help improve your relationship.
If you are lost to the school system or stressed by complicated situations such as separation, relocation or hyperactivity of your children, the parent coach will help you overcome these problems with concrete solutions.

The coach plays a mediating role between the school and the parents.
It is not always easy to communicate with a teacher, to know how to deal with a bad report card. The coach can help you!

The coach, a therapist for parents?
During the coaching sessions, the parent may also be doing a job himself, questioning himself, understanding that he may be projecting his own anxieties about his child. If you are better, you will see that your child will feel it. And the family balance will be found!

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