March 26, 2023

Paris Hilton in love evening mode: we love his lady bun

Would that feel the marriage proposal? Paris Hilton has rarely been dressed and beautified so sensual and elegant! Let's have a look at the darling blue suit darling and linger on the beauty look of Miss Paris Hilton.

A long fluid Seventies, a good-looking complexion Californian girl, a rather discreet eye makeup but a flamboyant mouth wearing a bright red lipstick, Miss Hilton has released the great game!

And above all, what hairstyle ! Pariss is made to make a beautiful princess bun. Beautiful deliciously retro round finish that reminds us of hair well disciplined women in the 1950s.



The beautiful shines and seems more in love than ever with his football player Cy Waits! The rumors about a possible pregnancy are going well but the tall blonde seems as filthy as usual ...

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Paris Hilton Breaks Down Her Favorite 2000s Trends | W magazine (March 2023)