October 4, 2023

Pastry recipe: 4 tips to know before you start pastry

Have adapted material
Of course, yogurt cakes or four quarters require only a minimum of equipment, but as soon as you want to start receipts more pointed like macaroons, it requires adapted equipment such as a sieve, a piping bag or silicone plates for example. There is no question of investing immediately in a thermomix but if you want to make good desserts it will spend a few hundred euros in a horn, a whip or a spandex.

Prepare your work plan and products
It is essential to prepare a work plan. Remember to have maximum space. Notably, when you are going to use a roll to pastry. Also think about preparing and weighing all your ingredients. Tip: take the eggs well before they take an ambient temperature. Do not forget the electronic scale.
If you have time, sift your flour, cocoa or any other powder, to have a finer preparation. Wash the fruits. Always have film paper or salad bowls nearby for your various preparations. Finally, butter and flour well your molds (always do before the completion of your recipe).

To be delicate and rigorous

The pastry is an exact science. It's the science of mastering the weight of the ingredients. It will be necessary to show skill in the execution of the gestures, rigor in the follow-up of receipts and meticulousness in the dosages. You also have to learn how to "take your time" to make some pretty lightning or to turn and flip your puff pastry.

Set the oven
Cooking cakes is important and we can not catch it. Preheat your oven and respect the thermostat indicated in the recipe. Watch regularly by planting a knife in the preparation. If the blade comes out clean, it's ready.

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