June 9, 2023

Pastry recipe: know everything about oriental pastries

Around a mint tea, the pastries oriental foods are enjoyed with friends for celebrations. Gourmands, they give pride to spices and transport us in a thousand and one nights atmosphere.

Its dough is prepared with flour, egg, orange blossom, almond, cinnamon, sesame. Then it is cut into rectangles which are then entangled to give it its shape. Chebakia is fried in vegetable oil, soaked in honey and finally rolled in sesame seeds.

It's a dessert long to make because it consists of thin sheets of buttered pasta superimposed or rolled on themselves. A mixture of dried fruits is placed between the leaves, which are then cooked and then soaked in sugar water or honey.


Turkish delight
This confectionery of Turkish origin, is made of a paste based on corn starch starch or potato (which gives it a strange consistency) and sugar. This small cube is filled with dried fruits, almonds, hazelnuts or pistachios. It can also be flavored with lemon or coconut.

It's a semolina cake stuffed with dates. For dates, you have to buy them very ripe and flavor them with cinnamon.

It is prepared by superimposing a layer of dough based on durum wheat semolina and a layer of paste of dates or figs. The whole is then rolled, then cut into lozenges before cooking and most often fried in a vegetable oil, then dipped in a honey syrup with orange zest. It is finally served cold.


Gazelle horn
Without doubt the most famous pastries oriental, it is composed of a paste of almond coated with fine sanded dough perfumed with orange blossom. It has the shape of a small croissant and is coated with icing sugar.

Tip: when you melt the butter, remember to remove the foam, it will offer you better conservation cakes.

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