April 20, 2024

Pâtisson, spaghetti squash and crosnes: forgotten vegetables

In the family Cucurbitaceae, I ask the little fun: pastry! It differs from other squash by its flattened shape with some kind of bumps on its periphery. This originality earned him little nicknames such as bonnet-de-priest or imperial crown. Its sweet taste is close to that of the artichoke. Well it's very nice, but how does it cook? For the stuffed patisson, the whole patisson is immersed in boiling water for 10 minutes for the smallest ones and up to 30 minutes for the bigger ones. Then cut a hat wide enough to remove the seeds and recover the flesh. Be careful not to pierce the skin! After it is to your liking, you can mix the flesh with olive oil, goat cheese and pepper or fry it with onions and bacon and small county dices. We fill the pastry with the stuffing, we add grated emmental and bake for 20 minutes with the hat next to it.

To make a velvety pie, a tart or even patties, we will cut the vegetable in soon before removing the skin. Pay attention to your fingers, it can be tough. Note, it is great with goat or parmesan.

Spaghetti squash, kesako?
Elongated shape, pale yellow color, under this look almost banal, squash spaghetti hides her game well. To discover the treasure it hides, it takes patience. Cut the squash in half with a large sharp knife, remove the ends and put everything in a dish who goes to the oven. Before baking thermostat 6, it is sprinkled with a small trickle of olive oil and sprinkled with pepper. About an hour later, when the knife no longer encounters any obstacle, squash spaghetti is ready to indulge. Under the seed layer that is removed, small orange filaments appear as spaghetti. We understand then that she is aptly named. And what to do with these spaghetti plants ? They can be served as is with a knob of salted butter, salt, pepper and a good dose of grated parmesan cheese. They can also be pan-fried with a pesto sauce or even a Bolognese. Your guests will be surprised by these funny pastas.

The crosnes
All crooked, the crosne looks like a kind of big white worm. There is better to whet your appetite! But let's pass the prejudices to focus on its very delicate nutty taste. Before cooking, it is advisable to put the crosnes in a cloth filled with coarse salt and to rub them to remove the film which covers them. They are washed in lemon water to keep their beautiful white color and are immersed in salt water for 15 minutes. You can then fry them with butter or cream, prepare them in gratin or eat them in warm salad with vinegar, oil and duck confit.

Vegan Stuffed Patty Pan Summer Squash Recipe (April 2024)