April 19, 2024

Peach up Energy-Beauty, fishing to keep the line

The concept
Premium centers put body care in the spotlight. An Ultra Personalized Program (PUP) is established to better meet the needs of customers, accompanied by the latest technological innovations in terms of equipment and food coaching.
The method

After a review thinness, the coach makes a precise and detailed point to determine the ideal program according to the morphology, habits and goals of each. Thus, 6 PUP (Ultra Personalized Programs), with evocative names, are proposed to meet all expectations: Slim, Cellu, Diet, New life or Icoone. The PUP Slim, for example, combines ultrasound sessions with Power Plate coaching to spend the fat released.
The New Life PUP is used to treat localized fat deposits, draining and toning the silhouette thanks to electro-stimulations. Peach Up also offers "tailor-made" treatments to combine treatments.
The center tries to motivate its troops with a system of pup's points offered from the purchase of a formula and which give right to care gifts.
The results
Refined and toned silhouette, smoothed skin, erased caps, weight loss, according to assigned programs.
Peach'up Energy-Beauty Center
For 15 sessions of PUP Slim, Cellu, Diet: 790?

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