August 14, 2022

Pedicure: what house tricks for soft feet

Pedicures chiropodist dipoles are the only real pros able to turn damaged feet in feet of princess. We are not talking here about a simple pose of nail polish but to treat all the little sores of feet, skin conditions, calluses, consequences of sweat disorders ... However, in terms of healing small calluses, it is still time to copy the ritual of professionals to do quiet foot this summer.

Relaxed luxury
Nothing prevents you from mixing pleasure with usefulness by preparing a small footbath when starting the pedicure. Warm water and bath salts will soothe tired feet, and at the same time to allgérer our legs.

Cuticles at your fingertips
Apply a cuticle softener (brands Orly, Revlon ...) before repelling them by cleaning the outline of the nail. A nail clipper will allow you to remove small skins, essential step for perfect feet.

Soft feet
Here is the decisive step, which will overcome disgraceful callosities much better than moisturizing creams that do not penetrate this hardened skin, or that a stone grinds quickly tired. A compress in one hand, a callus eraser in the other, pour the second on the first and place the soaked pad on the rough edges of the sole of the foot. To enhance the effect of the product, you can surround it with cellophane paper. Rinse thoroughly and dry the foot.

The skin is then ready to make a beauty. A grater on foot will allow you to concoct your feet of dreams by rubbing gently.

It's time to polish the pedicure with a body care adapted as a scrub to apply on all the foot. After rinsing, an intense moisturizer will delight the legs already very happy with all this pampering.

You are ready for the beach and your set of flashy nail polish ...

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