October 21, 2020

Peel the onions without crying

If the allinase is released by contact with the air and comes to irritate the eyes when we peel the onions, it is enough to avoid the contact between this irritating substance and our eyes or to neutralize it. Several solutions are available to us.

1- If you wear diving goggles, your eyes will be isolated from the allinase, which can spread wherever you want!

2- Pass the onion under cold water before peeling, because the allinase has more trouble getting free in the cold.

3- You can also cut the onion in half and soak it for a few moments in salt water or in lemon water.

4- Open the windows to create a draft. An alternative is to go under the extractor hood when peeling.

5- Place a piece of bread crumb on the tip of your knife.

6- Put a match between your teeth (off!), The red tip on the outside of your mouth, and change it every 30 seconds.

7- Pass the blade of your knife with lemon juice or bread crumbs.

8- Place your onions 15 minutes in the refrigerator before peeling them.

9- If you are chewing parsley when you peel your onions, you will deactivate the irritating sulphates and you will cry less.

10- Buy frozen onions all peeled!
Our advice
To avoid prolonged contact with the onion, remove the skin, cut it in half, and place in a herb grinder. You'll get a chiseled onion end without effort, and almost without a tear!

Mayo Clinic Minute: Why do onions make you cry? (October 2020)