August 14, 2022

Penis surgery: for a few more centimeters!

What are the possible interventions on the sex of a man?
We can either expand or extend penissometimes we do both. It all depends on the nature, the demand and the speech.

Is there a typical profile of men asking for this procedure?
No. They are men of all ages and all social backgrounds.

Is this an easy step to take?
No, the verbalization of the request is very difficult for men. Those who walk through the door of a plastic surgeon's office have been thinking about their decision for years. The media helped to make them feel guilty and to make them discover that there is a solution to their problem. We are seeing men who are experiencing real suffering.

Are you inspired by existing methods already in plastic surgery?
Yes, indeed, for lengthening the technique is the one used in plastic surgery for micro penis. This is to cut the suspensory ligament of the penis, which helps to lengthen it. Given the good results obtained, we applied it in aesthetics.
For enlargement, we adopt the principle of lipostructure. That is to say that we carry out a self-grafting of fat. This one having been purified and prepared previously. The fat is totally viable and does not reabsorb. Be careful, however, to ponderable variations. If a man loses ten kilos the result will deteriorate. The injected fat behaves like that of any part of the body.

Are these two operations only aesthetic?
We do not interfere with sexual function because we do not touch erectile nerves or cavernous bodies. Before an operation, we always make sure that there are no functional problems.
When we lengthen, the man must understand that the length of his penis will always be the same. erectionit is only at rest that he can judge of the difference. His sexual performance will not be improved. Generally when a man finds his sex too short, it is that it does not reach the lower edge of the scrotum (skin surrounding the testicles).

But then what motivates a man to undertake this operation?
There are various triggering factors, first and foremost affective and sexual history, especially in requests for enlargements. Very often, the problem exists since a young age. The man has always been bad in his skin. And when after a few years he is still not satisfied with his sex life, sometimes after a separation, he consults.
It will do all the more if his wife confesses gently that she has always found her sex too small. It is often a "cowboy" but the man takes this remark seriously enough to decide a plastic surgery.
There are also athletes for whom the passage in the shower after training is a torture. This does not prevent them from having a fulfilling sex life.
For some a penis Too small is synonymous with a real lack of self-confidence, especially to approach a woman. Others simply avoid coming to the sexual act, they end a story before. However, these men do not have a purely sexual problem but in the more or less long term, it can be born one.

What are their psychological reactions after the operation?
They are huge. For all these patients, there is a real fulfillment of the person, a rebirth. Successful intervention = a new beginning in life.

Do you ever refuse an intervention?
Yes, for example when the man is too thin or too muscular, he has no fat. Or when he is too young. Or when I know that I will not get the result that the patient expects. Listening to the latter is very important before deciding to intervene. Sometimes even the opinion of a psychiatrist is recommended.

Why did you go to this type of surgery?
I already operated many men for various cosmetic surgeries. I felt that there was a real demand from them. They often discover that an operation exists through the media.

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