June 23, 2021

Perfume Balenciaga Paris: a little vapo that never leaves my bag!

A pretty vintage bottle to perfection, a cult fragrance ... the perfume Balenciaga Paris lends itself to travel with a new mini version all mimi! 20 ml of pure femininity for all those who want to take with them all their chic fragrance.


Balenciaga Paris is first the elegant and powdery wake of the chypre violet, dear to the perfumer François Coty. It is also a cocktail of woody and peppery scents, fresh and sensual. It's finally a charming face, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Who embodies Balenciaga with all the elegance to the French that we know him.


The bottle of 20ml retains its chic look typical of haute parfumerie: a thick glass bottle, faceted, with a retro cap that protects such a unique juice case. On weekends or holidays, this little gem of perfume accompanies us everywhere!

Hailey Baldwin: In the Bag | Episode 3 | British Vogue (June 2021)