August 16, 2022

Perfume of summer, it melts for the gourmet fig

Beside the flowers (pink, iris, jasmine), perfumes sweetened with vanilla, liquorice, ylang-ylang, with the rise of temperatures and the warming of the skin, other scents are in fashion.
Symbol of the Mediterranean, the fig makes its entrance into the kingdom of perfumery, alongside citrus fruits such as pampelousse and bitter orange, rose or black cherry ...

Giorgio Armani, Aqua di Parma, Laura Mercier, Miller Harris ... This summer, cosmetics and perfumery make eyes sweet with figs. A sweet, sensual fruit that smells of the sun, the fig inspires pastry chefs like Pierre Hermé as well as the most delicate noses that will perfectly accompany our evenings and our little summer dresses.

Trio Pastry Fig Fresh and Trio Pastry Milk almond and coconut composed of a washing cream (90 ml), a cream puff (85 g) and a gourmet water (14.8 ml).

The perfume with figs, it's for you if: you are looking for an appetizing fragrance, to eat, or if you are looking for a perfume sweet that changes a bit of vanilla and licorice (seen in Angel, Hypnotic Poison). For a trip to Sardinia, crunch for Aqua di Parma's Blue Mediterraneo Fig. In a more sophisticated version, melt for the Armani Private Fig Tree, the forbidden fruit ... Finally in a light version, take a bath of freshness with the water of perfume Wild Fig Gourmand scents.

The good shopping greedy

Aqua di parma Blue Mediterraneo Fig: 55 euros 50 ml
Giorgio Armani Fig tree of Eden 120 euros the 100 ml
Water of perfume Wild Fig Gourmet Scents 19,90 euros per 100 ml
Trio pastry Laura Mercier : 44 euros

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