March 1, 2021

Perigordian specialties

Perigord menus are known for the generosity of their plates and the richness of their flavors. The Perigord salad reflects this prodigality, with its duck gizzards, slices of smoked duck breast and foie gras toast ... A real treat for your taste buds and very simple to make!

The black truffle, specialty of the terroir, invites himself into many dishes very refined, such as truffles black stuffed with foie gras, stuffed foie gras pâté ... It also subtly notes the taste of simple mashed potatoes, earth or omelettes.

The chestnuts, very numerous in the region, enter into the composition of many dishes salted: leg of lamb with its mashed potatoes chestnuts, for example, velvety with porcini mushrooms and chestnuts...

Duck confit with potatoes sarladaises, cooked with goose fat, remains the dish emblematic of the region, authentic, finely simmered and rich in taste ... Delicious, it remains very digestible when it is made in the rules of the art.
Perigord cuisine still has many treasures to make your taste buds tickle. One of the most refined is sweetbreads with morels and truffles, reserved for great family occasions.

If you still have a little hollow, you can be tempted by the walnut cake from Périgord, famous for the famous AOC nuts, whose quality taste is exceptional, especially when it is harvested in the fall.

Our advice:
No need to be a renowned chef to introduce you to the cuisine of this region ... Start by getting products that will allow you to cook these delicious dishes like Perigord walnut oil, goose fat, truffles black, or duck confit from the region ...

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