June 2, 2020

Permanent hair removal, how does it work?

Electric hair removal

The technique of electric hair removal is the only one considered as totally definitive. The practitioner introduces a needle connected to an electric current in each hair follicle (at the root of each hair). This method is often used as a result of laser hair removal or pulsed light to remove the strongest hair.

Good to know: for the comforters, think of a local anesthetic to help support the session. It is quite painful and the first sessions are long because it is "kill" the hair one by one!
Session: each person is different but count on average 7 sessions for the same zone. They are usually spaced two months apart.
Price: you will find a package at the half hour which is around 45?
Tip: if you go on vacation, the sun is not a problem for this permanent hair removal technique. Make an appointment at least two weeks before your holiday because the healing reveals a slight crust that disappears after ten days.
The best solution for not having a bad surprise is to trust word of mouth: meet the practitioners recommended by your loved ones and address as much as possible to specialized medical practices.

Laser hair removal

Ideal for large surfaces, laser hair removal is usually done by a doctor. This permanent hair removal technique is based on the destruction of hair pigment (melanin). The operation is simple: a light beam burns the bulb of the hair, without attacking the skin. You have to know that theLaser hair removal is more effective on dark hair and hair regrowth because they produce a very large amount of melanin.

To know: the small comforters will have to apply anesthetic cream to better support this depilation. The sessionLaser hair removal is shorter than the electric since the work is done by zone.
There are recently specialized lasers (Gentle Yag) for very dark or black skin.
Session: about 3 to 6 sessions. They are also spaced by two months.
Price: certainly the most expensive but most practiced: about 50? for an armpit and from 120? per session for a half-leg. Often, if you make several zones at the same time, a sliding scale is proposed.
Tip: some centers offerLaser hair removal just after sun exposure and it's extremely bad! It is very important to space between 15 days and 3 extra weeks if you have tanned. Some dermatologists may even refuse to practice a session if they feel that you have tanned on the area to be depilated.

Pulsed light hair removal

More recent and less known, pulsed light hair removal is performed by means of a flash lamp that dispenses intense pulsed light. The "flash lamp" is not strictly speaking a laser.
The principle is to destroy the hair through the lamp. The pulsed light hair removal is still comparable to that of laser hair removal: the operation of pulsed light is based on the destruction of hair pigment, melanin. Hair removal is therefore effective especially on dark hair and hair growth phase, because they produce a lot of melanin.

To know: this hair removal technique is not painful.
Session: depending on the area, it is planned to repeat the operation from 4 to 10 times.
Price: the price of the session depends on the area concerned. It takes about 100? the session for the underarms or the jersey and about 150? for the half-legs.
Tip: this technique is often practiced in an institute so make sure you know where you want to go and talk about it so you will not be disappointed!

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