June 9, 2023

Photo: Kristen Stewart in The Runaways

Before I love Rock & Roll, the hit that introduced Joan Jett to the mainstream, the rock star of the 70's created the first group of girls, The Runaways. It is the ascent and descent into hell that tells the biopic The Runaways with the cast Kristen Stewwart (escape from Twilight) and Dakota Fanning. Sex, drugs and rock n 'roll, an explosive cocktail and a role light years away from Bella's Kristen Stewart.
On the look side, Kristen dons with undisguised pleasure the uniform of the rocker: leather jacket, screen-printed t-shirt, aviator glasses ... a look of a nasty girl who will disconcert the fans of Twilight !

New photos of kristen stewart on "the runaways" bonus: dakota fanning. (June 2023)