August 15, 2020

Photo: Watch half-naked Kylie Minogue for her new video!

For his new single "All the lovers" which sign the great return of Kylie Minogue on the scene, Kylie Minogue left nothing to chance! By appealing to the stylist Jean paul Gaultier to concoct a very sexy costume!

Surrounded by shirtless men, the little Australian girl surfs on cougar fashion posing as a fatal seductress, putting all men at her feet!

Not sure that his darling, the model Andres Valencoso appreciates to see her lover surrounded by so many young and beautiful boys!

With such a costume, Kylie Minogue should not have a hard time conquering the heart of his fans who wait while waiting for his new album, Aphrodite, planned in a few weeks in the bins!

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