April 20, 2024

Photos: Watch Jennifer Aniston at the Bounty Hunter Preview!

19:00 Paris Champs Elysees. Jennifer Aniston out of his Business Club in cocktail dress signed Christian Lacroix. First information: Jennifer Aniston do not wear black! An event for the actress who regularly wears black on red carpets. Perched on 12 cm sandals, Manolo Blahnik, Jennifer Aniston was burrowing in the biscoto of his Gerard Gutler with the air of saying: "not touch, it is mine" ...

Other event for Jennifer Aniston : a change of hairstyle! Finished the square stamped Miss Jennifer Aniston, place the half tail.

And what do you think of the look of Jennifer Aniston ?

The Bounty Hunter - Trailer (April 2024)