January 24, 2021

Photos: Where did Kristen Stewart smile?

While some stars seem to have an innate talent for performing on the red carpets and take an obvious pleasure in posing in front of the photographers, for other stars, the exercise turns squarely to the test of torture.

In this second category, the actress Twilight Kristen Stewart figure prominently. Pouting pout, arms crossed, obviously the young actress is not very comfortable and has trouble hiding his embarrassment.

At GirlsFromMainStreet.com, we had the idea - a little silly indeed - to review recent photos from Kristen Stewart. And, despite the best will in the world, it's impossible to find even a sketch of a smile in the young woman, even when she poses with her knight and game partner, Robert Pattinson.

Only sprained the rule, at the party organized by She on the sidelines of London Fashion Week. Wearing a Pucci dress and her favorite leather jacket (she never leaves it, or almost), it was believed that Kristen Stewart was going to smile ... but no.

And if we can certainly put this attitude on the account of extreme timidity, these photos speak for themselves!

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Kristen Stewart (photos) - Smile (January 2021)