August 16, 2022

Phytolac, vegetable and ecological hair spray for the hair

Red or blue, vibrate your green fiber for these two mini ecological lacquers! Blue Phytolac is a spray lacquer for the beauty of all types of hair, from the boldest to the driest, at all ages. His green spirit makes him avoid any propellant that would attack the ozone layer.

Its formula concentrated in plant ingredients - natural resin and beet alcohol - takes care of all the hair thanks to shellac, a natural resin harvested from coniferous trees in India and Thailand.

Discreet and light, it leaves no residue on the hair fiber and fixes the hair without weighing it down. She holds little room in the handbag from the top of her 15 centimeters! Ideal for hairstyle retouching during the day.

Phytolaque Soie is the high tolerance version of this lacquer. With silk fibroin, this green spray in its small red bottle takes care of the hair sensitized and fragile. Its advantage: the structure of the fibroin is very close to that of the keratin of the hair, for more harmony and compatibility of the care !

Phytolaque, 11? each.

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