December 10, 2023

Picard launches a range of first baby meals

Key moment of the first months of baby, dietary diversification is paramount. In this context, and to help digital mums more and more overwhelmed, Picard launches a range of specific products for babies from 6 months. Baptized My first [Re] not, this series of dishes consists of recipes all simple and natural, very close to the dishes prepared by Dad or Mom at home. Easy to prepare, these recipes can be returned
in a few minutes in the microwave and allow all parents to focus on the moment of the meal as a moment of sharing, rather than spending time preparing for it.

Thousand and one purées for baby
The range of meal for babies of Picard It is divided into three areas: mono-vegetable purees, portioned purees and plates. Mono-vegetable purées (carrots, spinach, green beans and peas) are essential for discovering the taste of each vegetable. baby and exist in assortment of four (3.95? the 4x100 g). Portions with molded texture and very practical thanks to their demoldable packaging, are available in four different combinations: green beans - peas, leeks - potatoes, carrots - corn and cauliflower - broccoli (4.50? 12 portions of 50 g).

Plates like the big ones
To vary the pleasures, Picard imagined two kinds of plates, for lunch and for dinner (1.95? plate of 200 g). Baby will be able to taste varied and balanced dishes throughout the day, while discovering unknown ingredients such as polenta, cod, beef or pumpkin mixed in tasty dishes. The babies are lucky!

Galaxy's Child (December 2023)