February 22, 2020

Picnic: What do I put in my summer basket?

Who says picnic, says easy to take home and practice eating. We forget the cassolette of fruits seafood or gratin dauphinois and we favor the sandwiches and skewers.

We slice
Bread, a knife and little things to spread, this is the paradise of picnics. Either we have the courage to make our spreads ourselves, or we trust the professionals.
Like the Thai-style chicken spread (Bahier), a chicken-ginger-coconut-lemongrass recipe, the salmon and garlic-garlic and herbs spread (Guyader) or the classic tomato-olives duo (Carrefour). There are also crab rillettes (Petit Navire), duck rillettes (Bordeau Chesnel) or an assortment of Mediterranean dips (hummus, tapenade, tzatziki) (Blini).

We nibble
Side sandwiches, we change the traditional baguette by trying bagnats rolls with boiled eggs, chicken and balsamic cream (Sodebo) or the sandwich foccacia ham, mascarpone and pickled cherry tomatoes (Picard).

A little greenery with the assortments of vegetables of Bonduelle with mini carrots, cherry tomatoes, radish, cauliflower and two sauces (chives and cocktail). They are accompanied by kebabs of Entremont cheese (cumin, tomato-basil).

Do not forget the barbecue chips Lays, the inevitable.

For the cravings of sweetness, we think of fruits with trays of fruits ready to eat (mango, pineapple, tropical trio) of the Czon brand.

We drink
We take a bowl of freshness with a gazpacho with arugula, avocado and lemon (Monoprix). It is trendy, we taste the iced teas of the house Kusmi Tea (bergamot, orange blossom ...).
To sparkle, there is the range of Taillefine sodas that appeal to young girls. In the light range, the Coca Cola Zero Cherry, is an expected success just as the Schweppes taste ripe.


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What's In My Picnic Basket? (Picnic Tips & Ideas) (February 2020)